A machine that pushes the air like a storm as if we were in the inflatable object itself, repressed as well. It resonates with the story of the angel of history of Benjamin. The angel that would like to react and do something about this pile of debris, but he cannot spread his wings because there is a storm coming out from the paradise called progress. And piece of real events archived with a cell phone of a witness from a balcony in El Qasr Elainy street in 28 January 2011 while some masses in a manifestation trying to go through this street to Tahrir square, the main gathering place for the destruction of the current system. A machine with a goal of dispersing the protest, functioning normally to bring order back. But suddenly and out of nowhere we see this obstacle in flesh who refuses to let it pass.

2 motors, metal, wood, leather, fabric, TV, Bricks

230,5 x 58 x 115

Photos ©Andrea Herrera Poblete