As similar to a capitalist this dispositive is eager to adopt all kind of revolutionary critique and ideology and turn them into souvenirs and artifacts to make profit out of it, by a TV and a webcam that detects the movements of the audience, clients or whoever watching the vitrine where a collection of products displayed as like The plate of honor above the vitrine while inside there are more products like: The candles' argument, Disagreement cup, Renault coffin 4×4, Bartleby’s dice, Malleable laugh, Flourish tanks, The rebel plate and Postcards. Beside the national flag of the system.

Wax, Ceramics, Wood, silkscreen on fabric, Thermoplastic, Post cards, Glass, TV screen
with a sofware movement detection, Webcam

1 m×3.50 m×2 m

Photos©Andrea Herrera Poblete