An Installation made up of different fragments based on different narratives which are all made throughout my first year living away from home. In those fragments I am questioning the idea of home on a political and personal level inspired by a poem of Wadih Sa›adeh “How the swimmer will reach while the sea is drowning”. A room made out of paper with a curtain painted on it from the outside in black a slogan in Arabic from the protests during the revolution while the slogan is incomprehensible for the people inhabiting the place where I have installed the room it is still written on the paper walls from inside the room some hints about what it is. The hints are a word play with the synonyms of the word home in French as for example (Foyer/Noyer) (Maison/mais) (logis/lois/loi) (Pavillon/bâillon) sketched in colorful pencils Also, beside the door curtain we can find a Pendulous flag made of collage of different visual symbols of strength and excellency as it is used in different national flags as the sword, wild animals and stars. While inside the room we can find on the corner some pillows made out of cement and on the other corner four rocks written on them in Latin the word “Esse est percipi” which means “to be is to be perceived” and those rocks are collected from four different cities where I have done a performance writing on the rocks and hanging it from my neck and standing between the audience the rest of the time, beside the rocks there is the necklace I used and drawing on the wall like a manual. And a striped ceiling to let in the light.

Paper,Metal,Cement,Thermoplastic,PlasticSilkscreen fabric and Fabric.
250 × 100 × 200



Collecting rocks from different cities and writing on it in Latin “Esse est percipi” which it means “To be is to be perceived” hanging it over my neck.

Performance and its traces take a part of an another installation called “Home” as it is a sequance of a narrative of one’s own intimate space inside of a political struggle.