An attempt to push a mass on the edge of a hill in the vicinity of Saint-Maurice who was a Coptic soldier in the Roman Empire troops, he has been in a mission to Switzerland, later he was killed, him and all his company for refusing to give up their Christian faith. While I am mimicking Sisyphus and his rock, but foiling the tension once again by the lightness of my burden- “stone” which will not cease to escape of hands, a loss of control of a gesture that leads to a dance. In short, a happy Sisyphus.



The fourth part of this serie of work contains footage from VHS film archive produced and shot in Egypt about the life and work of Coptic martyrs. The slow motion of characters and objects falling generates a feeling of suspension or floating.  The installation’s device replayed this fall represented in the image by its precarious balance and the tension created between its different elements, just as it was about to give in to their own weight and gravity. A kind of resistance is staged, but also the threat of its impermanence, thus putting in the foreground the fragility of a moment of balance and its tilting. Falling would no longer be a moment of loss of the center of gravity, but a moment of attention to celebrate.

Photos ©Andrea Herrera Poblete
 ©Ghalas Charara