⧇ OUTSIDER RADIO, By Samuel Georgy
happened on the 3rd of September 2020 in front of Brückenstrasse 12
as a part of Zona D residencey in Chemnitz : /////// DIE VERTRAUTE WELT ////// 

By a precarious installation of a cassette tape turning around the flagpole in Brückenstrasse, Downtown Chemnitz. Samuel tends to create sound loops that get distorted by the wind, while he is performing other radio speech introductions depicting his subjective experience and articulate the inputs he receives as fragments of social and political history of the city.

“It loops like the daily life, like a public bus, like a history. It gets scratched, glitched and distorted. The eternal return but with different details. Details matter, I am really bad with the details, I couldn’t realise for example that people here walk backwards and that when they get angry their teeth glow in the dark, shiny bright white rayons that gets you temporarily blind. Also, afraid of the dark. The dark, the black, the brown, the grey and the dark yellow. People here are like In everywhere sentimental and serious, I am lying so much, I didn’t even speak to any of them, there is a language problem. I speak from right to left, they speak from left to right. We complete each other, we can live in peace. But no we cannot, the question of dominance and power, 2 cups of flour, a small package of backing powder, 2 litres of milk. Cotton smell, fresh lavender, have a nice night sleep, we sleep at the night, because we are afraid to face the dark, the obscure, the unknown, that we should have been training other organs like the ears, to be listening to the other, to their pain, and distorted history, the analogue, the precarious, the forgotten, the old-fashioned, the left out, the abandoned. Music from anywhere but from here. No link. For a while you can feel foreigner, you don’t understand the language. Maybe it is exotic” “Ladies and Gentlemen, herzlich willkommen at radio outsiders tonight, presented to you live, from downtown Chemnitz city, former Karl marx stadt, from under the flagpole, the perfect position for an outsider to feel how small they are in comparison with whatever sign or icon on a huge piece of fabric waving in the air on a very high altitude. Luckily it is now empty, which can say enough about the postmodern condition, we still feel small but without the icon on the fabric, maybe it is all the icons on the worlds, maybe there isn’t any more icons. Some of us, still looking for icons to be under, maybe a hammer and sickle, maybe a swastika or David’s star, or some local Aggressive bird. For whoever haven’t any icons, for the iconless, we present the outsider radio show tonight.”