Event text

It was a call for a collaboration. Two other artists have joined to collaborate on a project for nothing.

The three talked for three days, about their obsessions, intentions and current projects.

Searched in whether they should find a point where their projects meet or simply exist together. We have decided that each one of us will be working, examining their individual obsessions but together occupying this limited space.

Maybe it’s a performance, and maybe it’s just 30 minutes of our and your lives, live. You are invited to pass by a minimum preparation, and a maximum alert to the now, an ongoing dialogue that starts nowhere and ends nowhere.

We would like to share the experience as it is, as literal as it gets. An open corps, an ongoing process toward something yet ambiguous and obscure. An unfinished project aiming for nothing. The invisible between us, the space, heat, air, gravity and especially what’s inside our minds, behind our presence. Through each one’s obsessions and questions. An act of dialogue or a reaction, breaking distances for a moment. When Coincidence gathers us to share our thoughts, to find a form, to do something independently, trans-passing, spontaneous and abrupt.


In between our dialogues Samuel Nashaat have been occupied by making a kite that he tried to make it fly afterwards he finished it but it got stuck in a tree. he also tried to use his 5th birthday party gift, a small keyboard which is that he opened it and tried to produce sounds out of the electric circuit.

Sohair Sharara who was occupied by editing the records and the videos of the conversations we had throughout the three days workshop.

Salina Abaza was occupied by sketching feathers and filming while afterwards she stuck a feather in her last personal object which remains from Syria where she had grown up and flied then the two objects were stuck in the fan in the room.

©Andrea Tall