This proposal is an attempt to develop a project started summer 2020 in a residency in Chemnitz, former east Germany. Entitled “Outsider Radio”, the project intended to interfere in the public soundscape downtown the city. With one handy cassette player and many magnetic tapes sticked together forming one big loop of a cassette tape stripe that was circling around flagpoles at the city centre. With amplifier we were able to hear the sound that stayed above the magnetic tape but with the wind blowing around, distorting and glitching the tape. What’s left to hear? As layers of history are disintegrating by the extended loop movement. As a performance, the narrator overwrite on the tape, not practically but rather as a noise intervention in the sound scape.     

happened on the 3rd of September 2020 in front of Brückenstrasse 12
as a part of Zona D residencey in Chemnitz : /////// DIE VERTRAUTE WELT //////

Video ©Eliza Goldox